Jewelry On the Road with Torin
Do have unworn beads, bits, pearls, and charms?
Do you and your friends love wearing Jewelry and love learning how to do stuff? 
Jewelry on the road is a connective experience for you and your friends.
ZHUGG your treasures with friends
Torin brings rainbow hued beads, stringing materials and tools to you.  You and your friends can design, string and learn a little about being a jewelry designer and maker.
Our goal: Have a good time, Learn and Up cycle your treasures to a piece you will wear out the door, or share with a loved one. 
 Minimum 3 people,  Max 6 people
2 - 3 hour sessions
Price Varys based location, length of session and number of people. 
Price Per Person: $150.00 
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 Jewelry on the Road 2023


Jewelry on the Road 

Up Cycle Pearls get a #colorbuzz